Introducing Dan our Athletic Young Entrepreneur

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Name: Daniel Ziccardi, CFC+CPT
Business Name: Moxie Total Health Results
Years in business: Approx 8 years (7 years at old location, 1 year at new)

How I got started AND the problems it helps solve:

Since I have been a personal trainer for 12 years now I LOVE helping people become a better version of themselves, remove negativity and disease from their lives, and improve their overall mindset and lifestyle.

I have benefited from being a personal trainer by learning the best ways to help better the lives of others. I have received the personal satisfaction of helping people remove limitations physically and mentally, save marriages, reduce depression, increase life-span of people with cancer and various health complications, and lot more! I will continue to benefit from this path I have taken in life because I see these people on a daily basis becoming more confident, healthy, and physically fit. This teaches me that everyone struggles in life. There are no shortcuts when it comes to bettering yourself. Everything worth doing in life takes time and dedication. And the satisfaction you receive from completing these tasks in life is life-changing. This makes me realize that if I can become a better person myself, EVERYONE around me that I help can do the same!

The biggest struggle I have had starting a business:

I would say the biggest struggle would be in trying to automatically KNOW
what everyone wants and what is going to “sell” right from the start. And you can only do one thing when it comes to this. STICK to the one main service that your business was created for! DO NOT put yourself into a position where you start trying to sell many things to cover everyone’s needs. You must know that when you find your “niche” be the best at it! You will not only deliver MUCH more quality service to those clients, but you will enjoy the process much more since that was probably why got you into the business in the first place. Once you do this, experience will take care of the rest!

What task am I most confident about in starting my business:

The task that I am most confident about is the task of being able to help others through troubled times in their lives. Whether it is only physically related, or internally related. A lot of external issues stem from internal ones as well. Being able to complete the task of finding what the root cause is for an individual and then solving that by giving them the confidence they need to work on themselves from the inside out is what my job is ALL about! We are all human beings, and we all crave the same thing when it boils down to it living in the end!


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