Want to Increase Your Sales and Income 5X? Practice these 3 Successful Selling Strategies.

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In a recent October team sales meeting, we spent some time strategizing the last quarter of 2016. The discussion focussed on how to best maximise our full sales potential utilizing some new marketing opportunities. These marketing campaigns were designed to drive new and repeat clients through the doors in an effort to set an all-time best sales month (October) and subsequently to kick start a record final quarter.

After some participation and questions from a few of my colleagues about strategies for our upcoming big sale events, somehow the strategy question got shifted to me as managers made references to my success in selling more warranty service plans and other protection packages by percentage than all others combined.

They asked me to share how I was able to sell extended warranty service plans to 100% of clients in September who purchased vehicles, and why for October I was already pacing 75% while the actual manufactures target was only 25% and the dealership target was only 30%. I could’ve just suggested to read one of my previous blogs http://www.thereidmethod.com/make-5x-the-average-income-in-automotive-sales-seven-success-tips/ but instead I tried to articulate directly to my colleagues some of my strategies for increasing my sales and income.

Given the limited time period, I explained the sales strategies I use in three simple steps as published in my new book on Achieving Sales Mastery, The Reid Method www.thereidmethod.com, as follows;


sell-convenience2Instead of selling products and services, sell the convenience and benefits of the product or service. In today’s busy lifestyle, potential clients are looking for anything that enhances convenience, saves time, money, and provides a place of comfort where there’s a consistent level of service delivered. Often time’s clients will pay more for this convenience as long as the benefits are clear.

Even though the warranty is an additional cost I present this to all of my clients with the benefits of;

  • The convenience of not having to pay every time they visit for service.
  • The additional benefits the package offers. (You have to know these benefits to effectively make your case).
  • The potential benefits and perception of a well maintained vehicle when they trade their vehicle in later.


sellvalue3Remember value is perceived. Listen to your clients’ needs and wants and then formulate a value proposition to present to them. Once you’ve heard the client’s perspective, and you think there’s a better value proposition, it’s your professional duty to propose or explain the alternative.

This way you’re;

  • Increasing value by showing interest in your clients and that you’ve paid attention to their requirements.
  • Building trust by educating or offering alternatives they didn’t expect or weren’t aware of.
  • Built huge value in their comfort level in dealing with you and your organization.


sell-authenticity3Clients appreciate the real deal and are apt to take guidance from sales professionals they find genuinely interested in providing solutions.

Clients appreciate genuine experiences more than products or services;

  • The all-important first impression is key to establishing rapport and to build the foundation for trust, so be authentic in your presentation.
  • Present the authenticity of your organisation and why you’re different. Show the real value and benefits that set you and your company apart.
  • Finally what’s different with your product or service and how does it fit best for the client.

Remember to listen and ask high value questions to gather valuable selling points and then offer your most authentic value proposition even if it cost more.

With the proper supporting details most clients will not only see the value, but often will say yes to paying more. The reason for this is because you’ve covered the three key points in building the clients trust and winning long term raving fan clients.


Everold Redi

EVEROLD REID is a Lease Renewal Advisor at Lexus of Oakville with over 26 years’ experience working in retail automotive industry, advertising and real estate marketing initiatives across North America. Throughout his career, he developed a set of proven best practices that propelled him to become a consistent top performer in fast-changing and competitive markets.






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