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There are 4 modules in this series. You can select individual course options below at $97 CAD each or save and get all 4 modules for JUST $297.00. 

The Reid Method training course

Sales as a Career: Your Clear Framework to Success

In the first course module we look at how to create your foundation for a successful career in sales. We will look at your mindset, beliefs, daily rituals, and attitudes towards not only sales but yourself so that you can develop personally and professionally into the successful person you want to be and the career you want to have. 

The Reid Method training course

Step by Step Process: 7 Principles for a Successful Sales Career 

In this course module, we take a deeper look at the characteristics of a successful person in sales. We will look at how top performers get to where they are, what they focus on, how they behave in a customer relationship and what they do in order to lead the customer through the sales process. Know exactly what potential clients want by adding these 7 principles into your strategy.

The Reid Method training course

Best Practices and Techniques of The Reid Method Training Course Top Sales Performers

In Module 3, we will look at the action steps top sales performers take to become super achievers. How do you meet targets? What objectives must be set? What questions must you ask? How do you prepare before speaking to a customer or client? How do you position yourself. How do you handle objections? We'll cover these topics and more inside course module # 3. 

The Reid Method training course

The Action Plan: Create Your Own Sales and Marketing Blueprint

In Module 4 it time for Action!  Now that you’ve decided to elevate your sales game - that’s great!  But before you jump in with both feet, there are some key elements to put in place that are critical to your sales success. Even if you’re pre­pared and follow best practices, there will always be things that you can control (like your attitude and determination) and others that you can’t (such as the overall leadership of your sales organization, economic impact, or market trends).   To set yourself up for success in sales and to implement your great ideas, you should create a basic sales and market­ing action plan. YES! Even if you’re “just a Sales person”. You can Choose be follower or conformist, or choose to Innovate new ideas for your own Action plan. Those are the two groups of sales people. Module 4 shows you how to Innovate and take Action!

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