Top 5 Ways to Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd in Sales

23 October 2017,   By ,   Leave a Comment

Times have changed, so have the trends and conventional methods of doing business and making sales. What worked 10 years ago, may be a total failure if applied today. Adapting to the changes is what leads to success.

Consumers today are more informed than ever. In the good old days, we would go to the markets and dealerships and talk to a salesperson to get ourselves educated on the product. Nowadays, anybody can hop onto the internet, get as much information on the product as they can, find the product and buy it.  

So, why would anyone buy from you instead of buying it from 100 different dealers who are selling the same product? What is it that will set you apart from the crowd?

It’s you.  

What you sell doesn’t make you different from anyone. It’s HOW you sell. Here are few key pointers that will help you set yourself apart:  


  • Be A Source Of Guidance Instead Of Being A Source Of Information


Clients can get information on any product from the internet. They are coming to you because they want you to guide them in the right direction. Clients are always looking for the right person they can build up a relationship with, and whom they could trust. And that starts with listening. Listen, evaluate, identify and find ways to understand their needs and wants and then guide them in the right direction.



  • Don’t Be Too Quick To Present A Solution Without Understating The Problem


Again, listening is the key. Top sales performers wait to present after making sure they understand there potential client’s key needs and concerns. Listen first, clarify and then present to address key concerns.



  • Don’t Sell The Product; Sell The Convenience And Benefits


In today’s busy lifestyle, potential clients are looking for anything that enhances convenience, saves time and saves money. Often time’s clients will pay more for the convenience as long as the benefits are clear. Sell the convenience in what YOU bring to the table and how YOU offer a more convenient purchase and service experience than anyone else. 



  • Pay Full Attention To Your Client


Don’t be distracted by cell phones, other conversations, noises or lack of preparation. Focus only on what matters to the client and offer solutions that show them you’re giving them the attention they deserve. This will be your ultimate value advantage.



  • Offer Alternatives When Possible


Build trust and a positive relationship with your client by offering what is best for them. Often times, the best solution is not what they came in for in the first place. Offer alternatives. Educate them on the benefits of the alternatives. Listen to your clients’ needs and wants and then formulate a value proposition to present to them. Once you’ve heard the client’s perspective, and you think there’s a better value proposition, it’s your professional duty to propose or explain the alternative.

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