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Book Reviwes

Mar 27 2018

5outof5 Hi again!
I’m in 8th grade now going onto high school in the near future. I’ve recently finished reading you’re book, and I will say that it was overwhelming. I’m so glad that you took the time to share your sales experiences with the world, as I’m sure it has come to great use for many people including me. Before reading this book, I had absolutely no interest in sales and I was planning on being a doctor of some sort since I was about 3.

Also, I had no intention of going out of my way and studying a book about sales, but here I am. This book has motivated me and taught me many useful skills about sales and I’m hoping that I can take this information and strive as a salesperson later on when the time comes. I hope that your book continues to help other people reach their goals because it’s people like you who give people that extra boost of energy they need to achieve their goals.

Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and shaping a greater tomorrow for kids like me.

Julian A. Bailey

Dec 24 2017

5outof5 Very Relevant and Educational
Reid Method is very relevant and educational for anyone who is new to the sales arena or needing a refresher.
Had the pleasure of meeting Mr Everold Reid.
He’s a man of great humility and wealth of knowledge.
Julian A. Bailey


July 23, 2017

The Reid Method embodies the reality of selling in today’s marketplace. While there is something for everyone in this book Everold hits all the key features of selling: growing your own personal skills, the value proposition, listening, market segmentation, negotiating skills. Most importantly Everold focus’s on customer satisfaction in the long term, not making the sale at any cost. This book is a must read for anyone looking to be a successful sales person.
Garry C Knox
Past CEO Sodexo Canada
Past Chairman Canadian Council For Aboriginal Business

July 18, 2017

The Reid Method, authored by Everold Reid, is outstanding in its usefulness. In Chapter 2, he summarizes eight principles fundamental for being successful in sales.

First is to start by having a routine or practicing daily rituals. Second is to be organized. Third, is listening, the most critical discipline of all. Fourth is knowing when and how to respond. Fifth is added value, an increasingly important principle. Sixth is understanding the client’s real needs. Seventh is is being a good teammate, and a good ambassador for your company or product. Eighth is leadership learned from the examples of others.
I wholeheartedly thank and congratulate Everold Reid for alerting me to these principles.

June 26 2017

5outof5 Highly Recommended
Everold has written an excellent book for those interested in improving personal and business skills. It is a “Must Read” for anyone employed in a Sales capacity or considering a career in selling. I used the concepts Everold explains in his book “The Reid Method” and built my company, Scott Capital Group Inc, into the largest privately owned Leasing Company in Canada. I highly recommend this book.
Ed Tigchelaaron

June 19 2017

5outof5 Great book overall
Love the background story
Great practical techniques
Love the goal setting and marketing technique

Jan 10 2017

5outof5 Hi!
I’m in 7th grade, my parents bought your book so I decided to read a couple of chapters to see if your book would help me, considering the fact that you need sales skills for every job. It gave really useful advice that I will need later on, good job and good luck with your career!

Sept 15, 2016

5outof5 Great Insight
This book provides a great insight into what it really takes to be a professional in the sales field – intelligent thought, hard work and dedication because nothing good comes easily. It’s a straightforward read and I will highly recommend it to anyone who aspires to be the best in their field and sales is by no means easy . However, if you learn from Everold’s method and work as hard as he does then you will be successful.
Stephen J. White FCII, CIP.
Insurance Consulting

May 5, 2016

5outof5 Highly Recommended
This review is from: The Reid Method: A Blueprint for Achieving Sales Mastery (Paperback)

Excellent! I recommend this for anyone working in any sales position, not just the automotive business. You won’t be disappointed.

May 3, 2016

5outof5 Success is never by accident, always by design
This review is from: The Reid Method: A Blueprint for Achieving Sales Mastery (Paperback)

Excellent book with comprehensive, actionable sales solutions. A blue print for anyone who is getting into sales and or a refresher for anyone in the sales business. Today a consultative approach is necessary to be successful. A plan must be in place to assure you meet your goals by design instead of accident. This book is a GPS to success.

February 29, 2016

5outof5 I’ve read this book and I would recommend it to just about any one
I’ve read this book and I would recommend it to just about any one. To me this is more than just a sales book. After reading , I was so motivated and even more prepared to take on any job. Also to take on any kind of customer/clients. I felt like I was in training for a new way of doing my job more effectively.
E L James

February 22, 2016

5outof5I strongly recommend this book to every audience
This review is from: The Reid Method: A Blueprint for Achieving Sales Mastery (Paperback)

I strongly recommend this book to every audience, just because all of us are somewhat involved with sales. The knowledge shared by the altruist author of this book is to be used on a daily basis. Therefore, if you wish to achieve sensational goals this book is a MUST. Focusing on customer-first the author teaches us great tools on how to achieve and measure the numbers of sales aiming to obtain extraordinary results.

January 13, 2016

5outof5A wonderful book written for the everyday person
This review is from:
The Reid Method: A Blueprint for Achieving Sales Mastery (Kindle Edition)
A wonderful book written for the everyday person. This book is a great read and I will highly recommend it to all my friends and family. Understanding sales has never been so easy and if you follow Everold’s method you are guaranteed to be a success.
Sacha Meo