My October 2016 Sales Results

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In my previous blog, I mentioned our sales team’s review of September’s results, overall Q4 plan including marketing and advertising campaigns designed to accomplish a record setting October and subsequent final Q4 numbers.

We discussed individual and team goals, strategies and tactics, and everyone’s commitment to doing whatever it took to meet and exceed team and organisational targets. Ultimately we wanted to have our most successful month possibly in the history of the company.

To accomplish these levels of results and to have a real chance of true success, some key fundamentals must be applied. I was not about to leave anything to chance and quickly put my individual October success plan in place as outlined below.

I would keep it simple, set some goals and create the Plan, put the plan into Practise, execute towards Prospering.


My October Goals; (Plan)

  • Identify and Connect with 70-80 prospects including existing and new.
  • Delivery 30 units, New and Pre-owned combined.
  • Target of 75% Extended Service plan sales
  • Increase personal income 30% over avg. in October.
  • Achieve min 97.5% Customer satisfaction reviews.


Take Action; (Practice)

Identify & Connect with Prospects; this is much easier said than done but can be one of your best developed skill to consistent success.

  1. Strategically analyze your existing client base to determine where the potential opportunities are for new and repeat business.
  2. Don’t prejudge and never assume you know what circumstances or reasons may affect a client’s buying decision. People make buying decisions’ today not just on pricing or payments but for emotional, personal and professional reasons.
  3. Contact as many clients as possible who can be managed effectively once engaged. Decide the amount of prospects you should contact in order to achieve the closing ratio, income or sales results you’ve set as your plan.
  4. Make your best pitch. BEFORE you pick up the phone or start to construct an email, make sure you’re prepared. Your pitch should be tailored to your prospect specifically for relevance and personal effect. If you can’t make your case in two minute’s or one paragraph then you need to revise and practice.
  5. Portray complete confidence when you engage and act as if you already know it’s a done deal. That’s how well constructed and direct your pitch should be and it should leave your clients to ask how.
  6. Sell Value, Sell Convenience, Sell Authenticity. Value: Outline your value proposition in point form. Clients like value clearly outlined in lists or step by step. Convenience: Show how your offer improves or enhances convenience of the product, service or experience. Authenticity: Clients appreciate the real deal and are apt to take guidance from sales professionals they find genuinely interested in providing solutions. They will appreciate the genuine experience even more that the product or service.


The Results; (Prosper)

Reap the rewards of planning, preparation and taking action; the numbers below reflect my actual results from October 2016 as outlined by Summarized by management.

  • Connected with 85 new and existing clients.
  • $1.56 million total vehicle sales in October.
  • Hit a personal best ever of 25 New and 2 Pre-Owned for total of 27 Units of my target of 30.
  • Had 6 Hat Tricks during the month (never been done before by anyone)
  • The dealership hit 36.5 % Extended Service plan Penetration by selling 42 Plan’s on a total sales of 115 vehicles.
  • Personally sold 19 Plans of 25 new deals for a penetration rate of 76%.
  • Earned personal best 38% increased income.
  • Achieved 98.5% CSI on a target of 97.5%



With the right attitude, support, and desire to succeed, anything is possible even selling and delivering more than one high-end vehicle per business day. This blog was written after I documented my October activities and tracked my results as I do every day. When you set bigger goals, put a plan in place, and execute every day, it’s amazing the results that can come your way.

In short Plan, Practice and Prosper.


Everold RediEVEROLD REID is a Lease Renewal Advisor at Lexus of Oakville with over 26 years’ experience working in retail automotive industry, advertising and real estate marketing initiatives across North America and the Caribbean. Throughout his career, he developed a set of proven best practices that propelled him to become a consistent top sales performer and leader in fast-changing and competitive markets. amazon

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