Introducing Sophia our Rockstar Young Entrepreneur

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Introducing you to our rockstar young entrepreneur Sophia. Sophia has created her very own approach to communication services and IT solutions for education. She is the first of 10 features for our Young Entrepreneur Series. Be sure to keep up the good work Sophia.

First Name:
Sophia El Bahja

Business Name:
NoBox Lab

Years in Business:
1 year

What does your business do:

NoBox Lab offers new pedagogical approaches, communication services and IT solutions.

How did you get started in business:

When I went to university I wanted to do something different, I wanted to try something new. So I joined the Enactus network of my faculty in 2015, I discovered then social entrepreneurship and I started learning more about entrepreneurship in general and all those skills and tools that can help me start a business. I took on several
responsibilities during my first 2 years in the network: cell leader design, community manager and project manager. So that gave me the courage to start my business.

How does your product or service solve a problem:

In Morocco, students have difficulties understanding and picturing their courses and especially scientific concepts, the proof is that Morocco is ranked 73 of 76 in the “Achievement in Basic Skills” (including: reading, math and science). With 30 hours of school, homework, and additional courses they do not have enough time to have fun. In addition to that Moroccan schools cover only 35% of the learning because they use out of date methodology so we can notice a 12% decrease in academic achievement and 18% in grades and that make parents anxious and worried about the future of their children.

What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had in starting a business:

The biggest struggle was the fact that I was a student and i wanted to start a business in the same time. I was always a young girl in people’s eyes.. but I was convinced that I will face everyone who wanted to break me down !

What task are you most confident about in starting your business:
I can say team management and the communication part.


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