How To Reignite Your Passion For Sales

25 October 2017,   By ,   Leave a Comment

The process of sales is all about going through the NO’s till you get the YES!

It requires persistence, patience and passion to succeed.

Over the years, the sales industry has developed a somewhat notorious reputation. Most salespeople are more focused on $$$  figures, they will make when they close the sale. They are more focused on the “actual sale” and less interested in the “sales process”.

Result? All those sales pitches and persuasion ultimately start offending the clients, driving them away from the sale.

Sales should be an engaging process. If you, as a salesperson, are more excited about the “sales process” than the actual sale, you will eventually dive right into the state where you become really passionate about what you do.

Goals are important; they are the ultimate motivators after all! But you must enjoy the process that you have to go through to get to your goals. That’s what ignites the passion, and that’s what aligns you with the right mind-set that you need to succeed.

Many times when people start their sales career, they are full of passion and zeal to succeed. They learn, they practice and they do what they have to do to make things work. But the reality of the matter is, time is always changing. There are always ups and downs that come along the way, and these ups and downs affect the passion. The excitement and energy start’s fading.

When that happens, stop and reflect. Take a break, enjoy what you have accomplished and reflected on how you can improve and change to ignite back that passion you had in you.


You know why those race cars take pit stops during laps? The crew change the tires, make repairs and adjustments. You are no different than that race car. You ran through laps with full force and with all the energy you had, and now you need some necessary changes and adjustments so that you are prepared for the next laps with the same, or even better,  levels of energy and passion.

The REID METHOD is written with that in mind. The book will help you to condition your thinking and provide instructions on how to implement what you know. The blueprint will show you how to discipline yourself to create a strategy that works, and how to follow through.

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