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The Reid Method

Nov. 13, 2017
Words cannot express how motivated we are by just having a simple conversation with you, your presentation was well received by the sales and engineering staff you have left an indelible mark which will assist us in creating the best sales impression on our customers, again we thank you.
Roy Layette J.P. CEO/Chairman
Geddes Refridgeration LTD
226 Spanish Town Road
Kingston 11 Jamaica W.I.

Good day Sir, The other day you gave a presentation at Georgian College, I attended and honestly can say I loved it! As a first year student I enjoy these presentations because I get a lot of information out of them, especially yours! So Thank you very much Everold, I will be purchasing a copy of your book.
Samuel D'Amours
Automotive Business 1st Year student

Hi Everold, My name is Taylor W. and I just attended your presentation at Georgian College today. I just wanted to personally email you to say thank you. It is so amazing for me to see people who are actually successful and strive to be the best. You have motivated me to set my own goals bigger than I have imagined before and to not be afraid to use the skills possess and to voice my own opinions. My goal is to be my own employer one day and seeing someone so passionate has really helped give me motivation to succeed and not be average. Thank you again sir and have a great day!!
Taylor W.

Last October, Everold changed the way I looked at Lexus, and his commitment to service and accountability is the reason I don’t hesitate to recommend him to colleagues looking to buy a luxury vehicle. At the time, we were looking to replace my wife’s Venza. I had owned five Acuras over 12 years and had no intention of switching. However, Everold went on to provide excellent service when I had minor issues with the car. It was his customer first approach and commitment to “make things right” that truly proved that he was interested in my needs as an ongoing customer and not just the initial sale. He’s unquestionably the best sales rep ever.
Howard Morton CEO & Managing Partner
Boardwalk International Advisors
Nov. 9, 2017
RE:The Reid Method's Sales Mastery Workshop
I thank you for the very fulfilling and inspiring workshop I was privileged to be a part of today. I feel assured that all participants, from the information garnered, will be better connected to the required qualities and be more desirous to execute effectively at their craft. Thanks again and very best to you and your team.
Sonia A. Finnikin (Mrs)
Administration and Human Resource Manager
Geddes Refrigeration LTD
Kingston, Jamaica

We purchased a Sienna from Everold this week and it was the best purchasing experience ever! Everold was consultative, listened to our needs, was knowledgeable about all aspects of the trade-in and purchase process and made us feel great about our decision. Thank you for a great buying experience!!
Dave Miller
Worldwide Enterprise Sales-Dynamics

Dear Everold, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your efforts to accommodate my most recent situation with my car lease. I have purchased many cars in the past and dealt with a number of very professional sales people. You have, however, exhibited greater levels of professionalism, problem solving, creative selling and resourceful financing solutions. You have also displayed a strong client orientation without disregarding the interests of Lexus. In short, you are an outstanding sales person! Congratulations!
Carlos Avilés

I loved the previous Lexus RX and the salesperson I dealt with assisted me to get another. The preapproval to re-lease made it very easy. We live over three hours away from the dealership we leased from and would have been much closer to go to a local dealer instead. But our sales guy made it very convenient over the phone and the internet. I would buy from this dealership again as the experience with Everold was easy and convenient.
Many thanks,
K Barrer

Thanks again for speaking to my class last week Everold. They really enjoyed your presentation. Can I call on you again this fall? Have a great day!
Steve Bang
Professor of Business
Humber College
Lakeshore Campus
Great Presentation! thank you for coming!
Julian C. Garcia

I have known Everold for over 23 years while he worked at another dealership. In 2008, Everold came to work for me as my sales manager at Oakville Toyota and that year we had a record sales year. As the business continued to grow, I acquired another franchise, Lexus of Oakville. Everold was given the task to open Lexus of Oakville as General Sales Manager and, in our first year, we exceeded every target given to us by Lexus Canada and won the prestigious award of excellence.

Everold eventually became my go to person as there was no task he could not complete successfully and while doing so, he trained his colleagues at the same time. I cannot recall ever meeting anyone who has been more focused and goal-oriented than Everold. He has accomplished and exceeded any goal he has been given, while being able to work under pressure and stay calm and focused.
Frank Apa
Lexus of Oakville

I found the Reid Method insightful, comprehensive and exactly as stated "A Blueprint For Achieving Sales Mastery". Stick to the plan and you will be successful.
Bob LeBlanc
Corporate Sales Manager
ATS Healthcare

Learned a lot from you! Thank you for coming!
Namra Thakkar

My fiance is a student at Georgian College in the ABSC program, and he talked very highly of you when you had a talk at Georgian College a couple of weeks ago. I love knowing and discovering inspirational people! I would be grateful if we could connect!
Yzabelle Sanico