Strategic Approach

  • Discover proven methods and strategies for greater success in sales, self motivation, personal development and leadership skills.
  • Follow a step-by-step blueprint on how to explode your sales and lease renewal rates, and how to grow your business, your client base and your income.
  • The REID METHOD will show you how to discipline yourself to modeling a strategy that works and how to follow through.
  • Learn time management , how to hire the right salespeople and how to make the psychological and technical changes needed for sales success.
  • Understand why making an impressive key first impression and connection can take you places and launch your sales career to exceeding all sales and earnings expectations.
  • Learn how to build a personal client base of raving fans who will remain loyalty to you and refer business to you, year after year.
  • Learn one of the basic fundamentals of sales that often get missed: added value.
  • Learn how to add more value than anyone else.
  • Establish from the beginning you are first and foremost in the people business!
  • If you understand what drives people, then you can understand how to persuade them to buy your product or service.

Key Tools

  • Learn why the key tools needed to change a person’s mind is 80 percent psychological and 20 percent mechanics.
  • The more you understand the psychology of yourself and other people, the more you can master sales, marketing, management and business.
  • The REID METHOD will help you to condition your thinking and provide instructions on how to implement what you know.
  • Find out why the ability to innovate comes from an understanding of a prospect’s needs, not their wants.
  • Master the art of asking tough, important, high-value questions.
  • Learn how to improve and implement disciplines and principles for a successful and financially rewarding sales and marketing career.
  • Implement best practices and have a clear pathway to turning a sales job into a successful sales career and have fun doing it with The REID METHOD.
  • Master proven routine appointment making strategies to yield higher closing ratios.
  • The goal of a potentially successful sales representative is daily progress, which breeds confidence and inspiration.
  • Discover how The REID METHOD can teach you how to become a self-motivated top performer, trend setter, and a natural leader.

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